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We have access to a pool of thousands of qualified and available resources in 12 countries in Africa. We position ourselves favorably by offering an accessible and innovative recruitment service. Furthermore, we accelerate your search times to maximize your cost and find the right profile.

Our members are offered a quick and privileged access to qualified resources, legal services and a support service.

Employees available:

  • Accounting
  • Customer Services
  • Construction
  • Engineers
  • Nurses and Caregivers
  • Technology & Computing



Canada is experiencing an unprecedented labor shortage. Having a pool of qualified and available resources in a multitude of number of companies, we are able to support you find the right enterprise for your own needs.

Building a team internally is already difficult, image an abroad team ! Our members have quick access to already qualified specialized companies in 12 different countries in Africa.

Companies available:

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Customer Services
  • Technology & Computing


Grant Application

The governments of Quebec and Canada offer subsidy programs that facilitate exports, recruitment and access to new markets for Quebec and Canadian businesses.

Many companies are unaware of these programs and do not know how to access them. We allow our members to have exclusive access to professionals and experts in the field, to whom they can submit their questions and concerns in the first instance as well as make their requests.

Projects available:

  • Road construction
  • Recycling, Electricity & energy 
  • Hospital, School, Apartments & Condo construction
  • Agro-Industry



The Canada-Africa Business Development Association is a bilateral organization that aims to promote economic exchanges between Canada and the African continent.

We create a secure economic environment for Canadian and African businesses to promote and improve the quality of business relationship.

The organized networking events will allow business owners from Canada and Africa to improve their access to a consistent, transparent and fair environment for business that will translate into real benefits for business owners.

Our mission is to make the most out of the opportunities available through organized events that will smooth your path to success.