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Expand your business overseas is a great way to go global. The benefits are there, whether you’re trying to gain access to international markets, have a product or service that is more appealing to a foreign market than domestic customers or simply want to take advantage of a new business-friendly environment, there are many reasons for us to help achieve this goal.

By being a member, businesses and professionals find an ecosystem where experts and entrepreneurs can share and contribute to the development of their businesses in Canada and Africa. This accelerator of economic exchanges will benefit members who will contribute to an environment conducive to the development of legitimate and secure business.



Exclusive relations 

Our goal is to help you establish a foreign entity and support your global expansion the easiest way.

Our on-site resources are able to support your business become legal by maintaining a day-to-day control to lower down the risk. 

Operating a business overseas will bring new challenges. Our legal experts will assist company registration, legal documentation and local regulations to truly start your business in a better way.

By fully understanding a country’s rules regarding foreign-owned businesses, you can expect to expand faster in a safer way.



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Our people-first approach will provide a team of experts who can confidently help grow your business and ensure the support you need.


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Save money and time to set up an entity and avoid any additional teardown costs with the help of local experts.


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Making smart investment for your company is crucial for its success. Open new markets is a challenge, and you require the right partner.