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Canada is experiencing an unprecedented labor shortage. Having a pool of qualified and available resources in a multitude of number of companies, we are able to support you find the right enterprise for your own needs.

Building a team internally is already difficult, imagine an abroad team ! Our members have quick access to already qualified specialized companies in 12 different countries in Africa.



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Support and legal services

By being a member of the Association, businesses and professionals find an ecosystem where experts and entrepreneurs can share and contribute to the development of their businesses in Canada and Africa. This accelerator of economic exchanges will benefit members who will contribute to an environment conducive to the development of legitimate and secure business.

Growth has a cost. These costs are part of a strategic plan that will be followed by an investment directly impacting the company’s available funds. The planning of investments, the security of these investments and the transfer of money are a concern and a barrier to the growth of Canadian companies on the African continent.

We offer to our members market studies, connections with various government authorities, legal services for opening offices for Canadian companies in Africa as well as access to immigrant investor programs.