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Our personalized service promotes your hiring through various measures offered to employers. We help businesses to find the right employees for the right roles.

We currently offer sustained and personalized support directly in the workplace for job search, as well as activities to prepare employers and employees to connect. 



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Recruitment and Immigration 

According to the employers’ council, Canada is experiencing an unprecedented labor shortage. Current statistics state that three out of five available positions will not be fulfilled and that recruitment times are on average five months. In addition, staff turnover increases due to the low rate of engagement of employees who are offered better paid positions. By 2030, in Quebec alone, companies will have a shortfall of one million people to hold a job.

Having access to a pool of qualified and available resources, built in collaboration with universities and companies in more than 12 African countries, we position ourselves by offering an innovative recruitment service.

Canadian companies are looking for qualified resources, access to wage subsidies, rapid immigration services, job stability, to reduce labor search times and to maximize their costs by keeping their resources in which they have invested time and money. They hope to develop a sense of belonging that will help retain their employees longer.

To meet the needs of our members, we offer a quick and privileged access to qualified resources, legal services and a support service for businesses and employees.

Our purpose is to connect Canadian and African businesses together to provide a pool of available resources. Our mission is to support future employees with support, mentoring and logistical support.



Highly Skilled Labor

We have the customized labor training for you to succeed. Our target is to provide the best labor skill employees to answer the high shortage of highly skilled workers.


Best Universities in Canada

In the last few years, Canada’s workforce decrease due to retirement and declination population. International students can access the best schools in Canada throughout different programs. We are especially taking active steps to streamline the process from top-rank universities in many programs and degree levels.