Who we are

Our promise

As a team, we believe in the values of solidarity, fair cooperation, ethics and social economic responsibility. Our promise is to promote harmonious cooperation in order to promote Canadian and African businesses.

We offer services to our members by providing an ecosystem of skilled entrepreneurs to accelerate economic growth among them.

Sidy Kouyate    


Sidy Kouyaté is a Canadian entrepreneur and founder of several technology companies, professional training and talent acquisition. For over 15 years, he positions himself as an expert in payment solutions and online sales. He has developed international expertise in software design, web and mobile applications, business intelligence and big data. In addition, it promotes social and professional integration to encourage young people to invest in the development of a prosperous community.

Ousmane Dicko    


Managing Director of a FinTech company, Ousmane Dicko has acted as an entrepreneur for nearly 10 years. He worked at one of the 5 largest banks in Canada as a major account advisor and investment analyst. Holder of an MBA, specialist in finance and certified with the Autorité des marchés financiers du Québec, Mr. Dicko is a strategist in major financial and economic management.

Nicolas Belisle    

General Secretary

Working in technology for more than 25 years, Nicolas Belisle has participated in the development of many Canadian companies. Acting as a business and digital marketing specialist, he acted as a Managing Director and Vice President for major international companies. Chairman of the Montérégie Entrepreneurship Table in Quebec, he participates in many networking events to promote entrepreneurship. In addition, he acts as a mentor to companies funded by various entrepreneurial self-help organizations.

Eric Kampanga   

R.D.C. Representative

Éric Kampanga has 11 years of experience in engineering, managing projects, as well as in business development. Holder of a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montreal, he worked in Canada with large engineering firms.

In Africa, he works on several projects in many countries, acting as a consultant. As a business owner, his passion for engineering drives him to the field of technological finance, especially those aimed at the development of Africa.

Amandine Kaze    

Burundi Representative

Having a background in business administration and always up-to-date in fintech and accounting, she is an insurance economic expert since the last 3 years.
She has a remarkable sense of intuition and spirit of synthesis to occupy an important role as an administrative representative to enhance the brand image of one of the largest insurance companies in Canada.
Being a Canadian female passionate entrepreneur, she is deeply involved in the African economic development.

Charles Robert  Charles Robert

Quebec Representative

Charles Robert has been a Quebec technopreneur and business facilitator for fifteen years. A graduate of the University of Montreal and HEC Montreal, Mr. Robert is the founder of Afribec Technologies and is involved in the socio-economic development of Quebec-Africa relations.

He was required to manage different work teams, to participate in lobbying activities, to seek grants, to manage events in international trade for business development.

Mamane Lawal Wadataou, Ph.D.     

Niger Representative

Experienced over 15 years in the banking sector, he is a CobIT5, RSSI, PRINCE2, ITIL v3 expert. He works for major banks namely Banque Of Africa, Ecobank Group and the Banque de l’Habitat du Niger. Digital transformation expert, he manages major IT projects not only in Niger but especially in Africa. He is a Computer Systems and Networks and a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in System Analysis and Design from PIU of New York.

He is the author of the book “Transformation Digitale des Banques du Niger” published in 2021.

Sidi Sidibe 

Mali Representative

Holding an MBA/CESAG graduate he has over 17 years experience in fintech, agribusiness and banking. He currently holds the position of Manager in charge of Small and Medium Enterprise at Banque Atlantique Mali, a subsidiary of Banque Cnetrale Populaire du Maroc. These years rich in diversified experiences offer him a relevant range of networks and address book conducive to development of business in Mali and abroad.

Florence Yao   

Côte d’Ivoire Representative

Holding an MBA in Finance from Abidjan Atlantic University, she is the founder and CEO of the ONG “We Can Plant Life”, the CEO of the very well known Restaurant LOF in Abidjan and CEO of Hi-Tech Garden.

As an entrepreneur, her passion is to connect and support businesses to promote the agri-food industry, the local workforce as well as to contribute to a better environment.

Managing teams and members from her ecosystem, she is involved in many education activities to help children in Côte d’Ivoire.

Wassim Karoui 

Tunisia Representative

Graduated from Ecole Nationale d’Ingenieurs de Tunis, plus a Telecomunication MBA diploma, Wassim has more than 20 years experienced in technology. Acting as a General Manager for a Canadian-Tunisie technology company, he demonstrated his high management skills to attract technology ressources to work on-site and abroad.

Youssef Koun   

Morocco Representative

Graduated from ESIEA with a Master’s in Technology, Youssef is a business professional in core banking implementation, corporate banking, trade finance and cash management.
He works with open banking and fintech ecosystem and act has a speaker in many African events. Acting as a project manager and operational risk analysts, he  implements bank law and regulation high technology solution to prevent money laundering.

Daniel Tchakounang 

Cameroun Representative

In business since the last 30 years, Daniel has been working with the “Société Anonyme des Brasseries du Cameroun” (SABC from 1983 to 2018. Acting as an expert in publicity, marketing, sales and logistics, he has been able to share is knowledge and skills to many around him. Daniel is self controlled, organized and highly skilled to help businesses sustain their investment and growth in the Cameroon’s market.

Andre-Felix Bakehe   

Ontario Representative

Andre Felix Bakehe has 18 years of experience in engineering, project management, management and business development. A Civil Engineer from the Polytechnic School of Yaoundé and holder of specialized degrees in Entrepreneurship, Finance, Digital Marketing and Data Science, he worked for nearly 14 years in Cameroon as an entrepreneur, notably creating one of the largest firms consulting engineering in Cameroon.

In Canada, he uses his passion for entrepreneurship not only by working as a broker of financial products, but also by developing management and decision-making assistance projects for the benefit of African companies.

Myriam Bamba 

USA Representative

Based in the USA, Myriam graduated from Cleveland State University with an MBA focused on Finance, she transitioned a few years ago into Tech specifically into the healthcare industry. She currently works as a Senior Integration Engineer for a well-known HIE (Health Information Exchange) based in the USA  She is heavily involved with the interoperability of medical applications, data, ETL processes (Extract- Transform – Load) and Project Management. Her diversified experience and background encouraged her passion in helping people and demonstrates a lot of dedication to missions with an overall positive social impact.

Yeetah Kamikazi 

Rwanda Representative

Yeetah Kamikazi is a technology and digital innovation leader, taking charge and aspiration to support technology innovation in order to accelerate the country’s and continent’s technological transformation.

She is currently serving at kLab (knowledge hub), a technology hub in Rwanda that supports youth in the creation of technology solutions, as the general manager for nearly 3 years.

With more than four years of experience, Yeetah is a champion in advice and technology startup facilitation where she contributed to the sustainability of these companies.

Roger Brice Lingock   

Côte d’Ivoire Representative

Brice LINGOCK has 15 years of experience in the cocoa, coffee, cashew and rubber value chains across many regions in Africa and intimate knowledge of the regulatory framework and key stakeholders and players.
Holder of a master’s degree in Ethics and Governance, Economic Ethics and Sustainable development Option, and a European and professional Bachelor’s QUALITY-SAFETY-ENVIRONMENT.
Acting chairperson of the board for cooperative SCOOPS MAHOL located in Tabou (Ivory Coast), senior sustainability, and CSR consultant.